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12 Jul

Drinking at Gretna Hall

Enjoy our range of signature cocktails, including our Gretna Green Iced Tea, Limoncello Gin Fizz and for those who have recently tied the knot why not share our Newlyweds champagne cocktail, If you are after something a bit more traditional, we have all your favourites, including Strawberry Daiquiri and Espresso Martinis. 

For group bookings, look no further than our carefully curated cocktail trees, enjoy a nine glass tree for £75 or 30 glass trees for £225. Fill up on either Pornstar Martini, Strawberry Daiquiri or if you are feeling brave, a Bartenders Special. 

Compliment your cocktails with nibbles of either Olive, Smoked Almonds, Chicken Popcorn, Haggis Bonbons or King Prawns. All ranging from £3-£5.