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9 Aug

National Prosecco Day at Gretna Hall

National Prosecco Day

Get ready to celebrate the upcoming National Prosecco Day on August 13th! If you’re a fan of bubbly and delightful wines, then mark your calendar and join us at Gretna Hall for a truly sparkling experience. Enjoy a glass or bottle filled with the finest Italian fizz on this special day. We have curated a selection of prosecco that will tantalize your taste buds. Among these fine choices are the Bericanto Prosecco, voted the best prosecco in the world! The Prosecco Serenello Extra Dry, and the Prosecco Famiglia Botter D.o.c. Extra Dry.

The Bericanto Prosecco embodies the essence of celebration – with its lively fizz and balanced flavours, it’s the perfect companion for toasting to joyous moments. This brand has a crisp and refreshing character, that will leave you wanting more, making it an ideal choice for indulging on National Prosecco Day.

For those who prefer a touch of sweetness, the Prosecco Serenello Extra Dry is a splendid option. The delicate blend of fruity and floral notes combine together to create a symphony of taste. Its light sweetness pairs wonderfully with various cuisines, making it a versatile choice for any occasion.

Finally lets not forget our Prosecco Famiglia Botter D.o.c. Extra Dry – with its fine bubbles and delicious floral flavours, which make it a truly amazing prosecco. Whether you’re sipping it solo or clinking glasses with friends, you simply wont regret indulging in a glass.

National Prosecco Day

Celebrate With Us At Gretna Hall

So, don’t miss out on this chance to join us on August 13th. Raise your glass to the enchanting world of prosecco and celebrate National Prosecco Day in style. Lets make the most out of the day and revel in an excellent excuse to enjoy a glass of sparkling white wine. Cheers to a day filled with sparkle and delight! Explore our menu and reserve a table to savour this wonderful experience with family, friends and loved ones. Book now!