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Gretna Hall hotel, as a Historic Marriage house, was initially built in 1710. This traditional Scottish hotel has stood in the heart of Gretna Green for over 300 years as was made famous for hosting a series of high-profile aristocratic weddings in the 1800’s. Set in a beautiful parkland, Gretna Hall appeals to everyone with its unique combination of Scottish tradition, modernity amenities and refined décor.
20 Sep

Q&A with our wedding planners at Gretna Hall

Weddings tips for brides and grooms

Today we caught up with two of our most experienced wedding planners at Gretna Hall, Michelle and Heidi, to get some essential tips as well as answers to some of the most frequently asked wedding planning questions.

Top tips for new couples from Michelle:

For brides (Bride’s Day, Bride’s Way!)

If you have a dream wedding in mind, stick with it! Sometimes it difficult to realise your dream, but that’s what we’re here for. We can help to bring your ideas to life and help you with the planning. It’s your special day, so do what you want and don’t change your plans at the last minute, – regardless of what others (family/friends) may have to say! Get to know your venue. That way you’ll feel relaxed on your wedding day a enjoy it more!

For grooms (Don’t panic, No groomzillas!)

Be organised! Even if your bride to be has planned most of the wedding, make sure you are all set and ensure you manage your time effectively.In my experience, Grooms tend to be more scared of getting something wrong than brides, so I suggest you keep calm and ensure you know what’s going on.It is important to communicate with the bride. Don’t surprise her with big unplanned activities. It’s one thing to surprise her with a gift, quite another to introduce an unplanned bungee jump. Brides tend to not like surprises on their wedding day. Communication is critical and please remember what you’ve planned – the date and venue!! People have forgotten in the past! Set a phone reminder in your calendar app.

Heidi shares her advice to help answer some of the most commonly asked online wedding questions.

Where can you save money and where should you not be afraid to spend it? (Where to save & where to spend?)

Why not make your own invitations? To make something really special, you know yourself better than anyone, you are the best person to know what kind of invitations you want. Instead of buying invitations, craft them yourself! It is more fun anyway, and why not make it a fun pre-wedding activity to do with your fiancée or even your hen party?  However, if you are short on time and can’t make your own invitations from scratch, you can always download free printable templates online, link here.

Flowers can be hugely expensive, especially if your favourite flower is out of season.  Sorry Juliet rose and Peruvian peonies, we know how lovely you are but you are only on display for one day!  I’d suggest looking at seasonal flowers and picking some beautiful blooms in season around your wedding date. Encourage your florist to be more creative. Impress them with your suggestion!

A fantastic alternative to floral displays is simple chic potted plants or herbs as centrepieces a to pretty-up your table. They are also great to give as gifts to your guests when they leave, a special little reminder of your special day that can live on in someone’s garden!

Spend money on good quality food and wedding venues

Choose a meaningful venue you love, that way you’ll be excited to get there and enjoy your day. A flexible venue with a great history or backstory is always a good option. You can become part of its history and personalise it too. The Famous Blacksmiths Shop at Gretna Green is one of the best.

Opt for good food to treat your family and guests. Just as George Bernard Shaw said “There is no love sincerer than the love of food,” He was right. Good food makes people happy!

Where can you find unique and designer wedding dress with affordable price?

It is all about research, preparation. Keeping an eye on wedding fayres, sample sales and special supplier events and buying the right piece at the right time is critical. My top tip is to make a few appointments and to try on different styles before you buy, that way you’ll know exactly what style you love and what suits your figure best. What you initially have in mind, may not be what actually works for your shape, so definitely experiment before you buy!

To make sure that you are keeping an eye on wedding fayres, sample sales and special supplier events.

Which season is more fun to plan a wedding?

I personally like a wedding from October to December as it feels more magical to get married in winter. You can combine your own theme with Christmas or New Year’s Eve, with twinkling lights and a festive atmosphere, it can add a magical feeling to your big day. Gretna Hall is particularly magical in winter. Roaring fires and acres of parkland to explore, it feels grand and cosy at the same time! If you are lucky, you might even have a real white wedding under a pure blanket of snow.

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